Sunday, December 25, 2011

Winter gulling @Lauwersoog

The Glaucous Gull went missing just seconds before I arrived but still an interesting day at Lauwersoog. I spent several hours in the harbour trying to relocate the Glaucous, but we failed.

Instead an interesting pale-winged juvenile "large gull" allowed detailed study. From a distance it resembles a Glaucous/Iceland Gull but it is a shade too dark, actually Thayers Gull would fit better! But head-shape and tertail pattern indicates Herring Gull (maybe mixed with some foreign genes).

Below some more images of this interesting plumage;

A single Kittiwake was feeding between the hundreds of Black-headed Gulls

And then Martijn called that he had seen the Glaucous Gull flying over in western direction. When I met him after a quick drive he was puzzled with his pictures, it showed an Iceland! We quickly drove along the dike and were able to catch up with the bird. As it followed the dike we were able to overtake it, stop and make pictures of the bird flying past. And get in the car, overtake it, stop and make pictures. And again and again untill it flew into the Bandpolder.

Surprise of the day!
Actually I think this is my first Iceland at Lauwersoog, Martijn, thanks for calling!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A family-flock of 6 Red-breasted Geese is wintering at Moddergat. Today I was lucky to see this exceptional flock at close range. Stunning birds!

And some more images from last weeks;