Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tit invasion

During autumn it was clear that both Great and Blue Tits were on the move. A big flock is wintering in Pieterzijl now and this weekend I had some time to check for rings. The number of birds is really amazing with regularly 10 Great and 10 Blue Tits together in the garden, the actual number is much higher but impossible to determine.

Some years ago I was able to read a metal ring of a Great Tit, and now there are 2 metal-ringed Blue Tits present. Their visits are irregular and short but still I managed to get some pictures of the birds, one is wearing a dutch ring but the other?? I think I have all the numbers but without the country of origin it is useless. If you think you know which text is written on the ring please contact me at roefmulder(AT)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Long-billed Dowitcher Bantpolder

The Peregrine on the pictures flushed all the birds 20 seconds after I arrived, thanks a lot!!! The Dowitcher did not return (high ISO digiscopes).