Friday, June 26, 2015

Fish Passage 2015

More Puffins soon. I was busy with fish; the yearly international conference visited Europe for the first time, in Groningen!

The happy fish from Kornwerderzand arrived in Groningen
and was caught by Henk Ovink, the Special Envoy of International Water Affairs
masterclass fishway design
a lot of international attention for our project during talks and exhibition; the FishMigrationRiver
Watch this extremely inspiring movie if you have the chance! Rivers connect the continent with the ocean and need to flow free. Made by Patagonia, buy those clothes!

river restoration = dam removal, Elwha river dam in 2013
the reservoir is gone, removal of the dam restored and opened 100km of suitable habitat for 7 species of Salmon

Monday, June 15, 2015

Bass Rock

A single rock with 150.000 Gannets, restricted acces only by boat and only in calm weather. But we were lucky to land on the island and have a close look. No sign of the Helgoland-albatross but it would not surprise me if it would follow the Gannets to Bass Rock and settle here (as one did in 1967-68).

Would you believe that an offshore windmill farm is planned here, in a main flyway of the Gannets?!

approaching the island
the lighthouse with acces path

a walk in the colony needs protection for the legs
standard lens

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bass Rock & Farne Islands

more soon!

(the Puffins are used to humans visiting the island, these birds were flushed by an attacking Herring Gull)