Monday, October 31, 2011

more Helgoland

Some more images from a very nice visit. Saturday started good as I recieved the message by AT of a late Yellow-browed Warbler as I left the ship. Within a minute I watched it, but we soon lost it as it was moving quickly through Sudhafengelande. Belegfoto below;

It was clear that many birds had arrived, Robins and Goldcrest were everywhere! Especially the Goldcrest were very cooperative;

And amongst the Goldcrest were several Firecrests, this one showed well at Kringel;

4 Pallas's Warblers had been seen last days but today only one bird was seen, and it was not easy as it was cruising around Nordseehalle. I was just discussing with CB how nice it would be if the Pallas' would join the Goldcrests feeding in the small bush next to us as I saw a bright pale-yellow rump of a hovering bird. There it was!
It stayed only for a few seconds and managed to hide both the rump and crown on the picture, but what a great bird!

A Rough-legged Buzzard was stuck on the island and must have had a hard time finding prey and avoiding attacks from the local corvids.

And some more images from migrant Chiffchaff, Robin, Song Thrush and Blackcap;

In last light on saturday, CB found a Bluetail on Ostklippe. The bird showed well as it made small flights to catch insect. The last time we saw it was when a Sparrowhawk catched prey at the the same bush...

The Siberian Stonechat was still present at the beach. The "sit-down-and-wait" technique worked as it usually does with Wheatears;

On sunday afternoon if finally connected with the long-staying Sabines Gull on Kringel, what a beauty! (And compare the size to the Great-Black-backed...)