Friday, August 10, 2012


Caspian Terns are arriving, today there were at least 2 adult and 2 juveniles of these impressive terns. No luck with the Gull-billed and Glossy Ibis but there was much to see this week; good numbers of Golden Plover are arriving, also many Little Stints and Temminks and a short staying and distant-as-always juvenile Red-necked Phalarope.
Flies are abundant and the easy meal has gathered a big flock of Yellow and White Wagtails. Several juvenile Citrine Wagtails have appeared already in Germany and I surely will keep track of this flock!

And big flocks of birds attract predators, today a Hobby was to fast for me but some days ago a Sparrowhawk cought a White Wagtail and gave a nice show;

Oh sorry, still alive? Wait a moment...

 More wagtails later!