Wednesday, January 23, 2013


With some proud I can present the image of a project I have been working on last months; the "Fish-migration River". The idea is to make a gradual connection between the salt Waddensea and freshwater IJsselmeer to facilitate the migration of various species of fish, and present breeding, resting and foraging habitat for birds. The Afsluitdijk is great for safety against flooding but has blocked the migration of many species of fish from the sea to IJsselmeer and Rhine. Full details (in dutch) here;
Meanwhile winter is here, with a thick snow cover. Birds are having a hard time and it feels really good to provide various kinds of birdfood every evening. I only need to wait for the weekend to see in daylight which birds are actually eating it:-)
Some weeks ago a Sparrowhawk did an unsuccesfull try to catch a sparrow and I had close views as it was sitting just next to the window. I looked rather fustrated as all the birds were hiding in deep cover.
The Greenfinches are still there, they really like the sunflower-seeds!

And some winter images from the archives, I am sure it is a good representative of Lauwersmeer last days.