Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bald Eagle snatches a Murre

Yaquina Head north of Newport OR is a bit like Helgoland. There is an impressive colony of Guillemots (which they call Murres), but there are no Gannets. That is probably the reason why the Murres can take over the top of the rock, instead of the sides against the cliffs.

The path to the lighthouse offers a great view over de colony, and other birds include Black Oystercatcher and Brandt' s Cormorant.

While scanning the sea for the occasional (and most wanted!) Tufted Puffin we saw a Sooty Shearwater and a flock of White-winged Scoters. Suddenly an adult Bald Eagle flew in and perched on the rocks.

It sat there for a while and after having decided which Murre would be the easiest meal it took off, flew low over the colony and snatched a Murre. From it's nest! you can see the greenish egg on te picture.

When we left some more (immature) Bald Eagles arrived, probably aiming to pull the same trick. Impressive birds!!