Tuesday, October 29, 2013


So in the end, the Pallid Swift was a Pallid Swift. After this ID-challenge everything else must be easy. Today we had the chance to test this in the field at the Ganzenpoel (Drents-Friese Wold). And indeed they are easy when seen well!
First distant views. A little Zeiss-illusion may be involved but this bird was indeed much bigger (-billed) compared to the surrounding Crossbills

Female Parrot Crossbill with 2 Commons

Male and female Parrot Crosbill; note thick neck and huge bill.
The same male Parrot Crossbill with 2 Commons.
Female Parrot Crossbill
Flight views of the same female Parrot Crossbill
Possibly the same female, note how the impression of the bill changes with angle.
Immature female Parrot Crossbill

The same immature female Parrot with 3 Commons. Note size, head and bill shape.
Easy so far. After studying the pictures at least 4 Parrot's were present (2ad + imm.female and the male). Now here is the complicating factor (no strange calls heard by the way), unintentionally photographed;
Note clear (& whitish) wingbars and edges of tertails.

Probably the same bird with it's bill closed now. Compare bill-shape with the Commons
The same bird lower right, the bill again.

The wingbars are surely not wide enough for Two-barred and the shape does not fit, but there may be some TBC-genes in this bird!

Yesterday's storm; ocean swell and spray at Tjeukemeer. Driving through Noordoostpolder was beyond fun although very impressive! 1000-s of trees have been blown over in the North with windforce up to 12 Beaufort!!