Saturday, December 7, 2013


Finally a true Northwestern! The day after (South-)Western force 10-11 there was still a good force 8-9 at Lauwersoog on friday. The combination with spring-tide caused exceptional waterlevels and the harbour was almost submerged. In fact there was no low tide at all for at least a full day. The waders and ducks must have had a hard time with the tidal area's being unavailable for feeding.

Besides a few Kittiwakes, a Little Gull and a distant Great Skua there were not much seabirds on the move. But the storm was impressive!
Gulls sheltering for the storm, Piereneind in the background.
Wigeon and Teal
The result of spring-tide and NW-storm.
Oude Robbengat in snowstorm.
Horizontal snow at Vlinderbalg