Sunday, May 4, 2014

Top-Of-Holland Birding Day

The yearly race to find the rarest bird in Groningen, Fryslan, Drenthe (TOH). And the gathering of the same team that toured Texas in winter 2000/2001. We (Bas, Symen, Sietse and I) had the perfect plan; while I prepared the boat in Lauwersmeer, they would have an early check on the miniature-Ezumakeeg in Lemmer which has yielded surprises in the past. On Lauwersmeer we would have the opportunity of checking places were no other team could go, with special focus on Night Heron. This species was surprisingly high rated with 5 points and could easily win the race!

checking the other side of Oude Robbengat, many Swifts!
In the end we did not find Night Heron, but much enjoyed the day with the pair of White-tailed Eagle, twitched the Dotterels in Kollumerwaard, where an Ospey thermalled into the clouds, and we saw the 9(!) Black-winged Stilts in Ezumakeeg.
Osprey at the Dotterel-site

Earlier this week I joined the vessel which is monitoring fish for our project at Kornwerderzand, and gave an interview to the regional press Omrop Fryslan. The pictures show a Sea Lamprey; a strange prehistoric fish which sucks blood from it's host. I succeeded in not being it's host that day!
Sea Lamprey. Thanks to Ben Griffioen for the left picture

PS Returned my D7100 and for a little more I bought second-hand D300 and D700. Do not believe reviewers stating these camera's are outdated, they are excellent performers and quality build, only extreme cropping needs megapixels. Think again if you think you need a D800 for landscape or portraits. I will show when my lens is repaired.

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