Sunday, June 1, 2014

Helgoland - roundup

A few more pictures of my best ever visit to the island; day 1: singing Blyths Reed Warbler, day 2: Lesser Grey Shrike, day 3: Black-headed Bunting, day 4-5: that ruler of the sea! (which has not been seen since, for more pictures see previous posts) -EDIT- June 4th; the ruler has returned and was seen at 14:40 and 16h45 above Oberland!
Lesser Grey Shrike shortly after it's finding on Oberland
- it moved to NE-Gelande in the afternoon -
I always like typical Helgoland settings!
Honey Buzzards coming in from the sea @Kringel. Surprisingly the most pelagic of all raptors, except for that falcon, oneday...
Skulking Greenish Warbler @E-Werk. Several were seen and heard singing.
Phonescopes of a slightly aberrant Ortolan @Kringel
thunbergi @Oberland
Razorbill during the wait for the big one.

Welcome gift for the ruler of the sea.
Black-browed Albatross Thalassarche melanophrys. The ruler of the sea (=thalassarche) is cruising along a stormy Kringel here. A more traditional setting than in bright sun over the cliffs:-)