Thursday, August 14, 2014

Zino's Petrel Pelagic - day 2

Chumming position inbetween Madeira, Desertas and Porto Santo, aiming for Storm Petrels. A rather cloudy and windy day but it was good fun again. I lost the count of Pterodroma's but there may have been 10 today! Some showed very well and could be identified as Fea's Petrel.
Fea's/Zino's Petrel
Fea's Petrel approaching, following pictures are from the same bird
note bill-structure
Another bird, not sure which

We could also enjoy 2 Great Shearwaters, they were attracted to the chum and came very close to the boat. Great birds!

Great Shearwater shearing the water

At the end of the day a storm petrel suddenly showed; it flew by very close and it was a Madeiran Storm Petrel indeed! Hope to get better shots next time:-)
Why did Nikon abandon closest-object focus priority after the D200 series!?

And of course there were many Cory's and Bulwers again!