Monday, July 6, 2015

more Farne Islands

With some delay, more images from one of the richest seabird-colony's along the North Sea. The Farne Islands is a group of several small island and some of them are open to the public. The short walk on the island is impressive, as 1000's of Puffin, Guillemot, Kittiwake and Arctic Tern breed here and can be viewed from close distance.
Arctic Terns breed everywhere, including the footpath

and they will attack you to defend their nest
they breed everywhere
Puffins, also everywhere!
stunning birds!
close views of Guillemot and Shag
image with standard lens
Sandwich Tern colony
Arctic Tern
a pair of Roseate Terns was present again this year (a rare and endangered species)
Roseate Tern in flight
more later!:-)