Monday, October 9, 2017

Autumn storm @Lauwersoog

Slightly delayed due to a Helgoland-visit; an impression of the storm last week.
Although Sabine's Gull was missing it was an excellent day with all 4 species of Skua and several Leach's Petrels.

I arrived rather late and started with a Gannet, always promising
And then there was a fine Long-tailed Skua, and it was rather close!

same bird, a light-phase juvenile
the Long-tailed was escorted by 2 Arctic Skuas
note the difference in colour tone
2 adults and an immature Pomarine Skua. I do not see often adult birds of the dark phase 
Leach's Petrel, normally they stay rather far out but this one was close; it flew over the road in front of me but then turned around to the sea again
same bird
brilliant birds!

Helgoland report soon, including more petrels, skuas and Red-breasted Flycatchers