Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Severe winds on saturday made the ferry-crossing rather uncomfortable, we were OK but pale faces were common and many breakfasts mixed with early beers were fed to the gulls...

No bird migration due to the bad weather but we enjoyed the long-staying (and frequently singing) Greenish Warbler and 2 Common Rosefinches at Grosse Treppe.

A large flock of gulls was feeding at Kringel and Sietse found a yellow-legged gull which I think must indeed be a Yellow-legged Gull (note p6). A single female Eider was guiding a large flock of young, surprisingly the gulls were only slightly interested.
The weather cleared the next day but migration was slow, several Icterine and Marsh Warblers were singing but were probably already present. An aberrant swallow flew inbetween a small flock of Swifts, Swallows and House Martins. It must be a House Martin stained with oil or something, althoug the pattern in the neck may indeed suggest hybrid origin. Of course I tried on the Swifts:-)

At the cliffs the number of Gannets has increased again, and it looks they are breeding even closer to the path, spectaculair views!!