Monday, June 25, 2012


Yesterday was exceptional, and although not the best timing for first flights, they managed. The cat however... More swallows later, below some impressions of Ezumakeeg. Can you find the Avocets in the rainstorm?:-)

At the very end of the day the Marsh Sandpiper returned in front of the hide, below some digiscoped images, in fading light unfortunately. But it was close!

BTW here is the solution of the "how-many-species-can-you-find" picture;

1 Black-tailed Godwit (that was the easy one!)
2 Lapwing (left of the centre, sleeping between the Godwits, and there is another one)
3 Dunlin (2, sleeping between the godwits on the left)
4 Curlew Sandpiper (the red one!)
5 Ringed Plover (yes they are!)
6 Mallard (male swimming, centre)
7 Shellduck (2 swimming)
8 Little Gull (2nd c-y flying upper left)
9 Black Tern (left of centre, flying in front of the reed)
10 Coot (the distant black birds with white bill)
11 Shoveler (male swimming on the far right)
12 Garganey (2 males sleeping just behind the Godwits, right of the Mallard)

Not safely to ID; the sleeping Sanderling in front of the Mallard and the preening Common Gull behind the Godwits on the right. And the ducks on the far left and right must be Tufted.